Hello my name is Ann. I am from Dublin, Ireland. I am in my 60’s now, and have had a full interesting life, which I am going to incoperate in my books, in a fictional sence! I have traveled far and wide, I have two kids, and a husband, many sisters and a brother.

The reason I choose to write under ‘Casa Nueva Tales’ is because I now live in Spain. I have been writing for many years as a hobby and now I’m ready to share my stories. I hope you enjoy them-as much as I enjoy writing them.

Please feel free to contact me or comment on my books!



I was born in Dublin in the late forties. Probably from the time I started to earn a wage I felt the urge to travel. In those days we could work at the age of fourteen. I started a little earlier, at thirteen, in a newsagent close to home. Every week I saved a couple of pennies, and I mean pennies, towards my travel fund. I got side tracked by fashion, dancing, makeup, and boys.

It was at the age of nineteen I decided to have a holiday with a couple of friends. We booked two weeks in Majorca. It was wonderful. I loved the Sand, Sea, and Sun. I loved the culture. Best of all, having the freedom of not having to answer to anyone. Meeting all kinds of nationalities. Listening to them talking about their lives, dreams and ambitions.
That started me on the road to travel and writing.

At first, like most people, I kept a diary. It took me a year to save to follow my dream. I got a job as an Au-pair, much to my parents horror. I bought a ticket to Italy, a place called Rapallo, where I worked for an Italian family for one year. Coming home for Christmas I met a boy and fell in love. Things didn’t work out, so I decided to go traveling again this time closer to home to London.
Its now the early seventies. Within a couple of months I fell in love with a young man, who is now my husband of forty plus years.

For many years I ran my own business, while writing stories in long hand about people I met on my travels, and my customers who came in to my shop. I decided to join an agency to take students through the summer months. This was a great help to me, and gave me inspiration to continue writing my stories, purely as a hobby. When the children flew the nest, we decided to get out of the rut we were in and sell up everything. We went to live in Florida. Miami was now our home and we travelled extensively around America.
We lived there for 5 years then decided to come and live a little closer to our family, so we eventually moved to Spain, as, by then, I was to become a grandmother.
This is now our home.