Homestead By Ann Newhouse

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Here we have the second book in my series. I am giving this one free to anyone who signs up to my website. I hope you enjoy it and please leave some feedback.

About Homestead

The desert is a cruel place, barren, dry, and very, very, hot. Even those who live on the edge of it,find it a challenge. Ned O’ Neil was born near Santa Fe, New Mexico. Born to a frail mother, andcruel father. He was no stranger to fear. He was a scrawny child. His father worked him hard, sometimes for many hours in the blazing heat without a break or water. He was afraid to complain, as his father took it out on his mother. But the family had some dark secrets. He decided he was going to change his life.

Changing circumstances eventually gave him the courage to move away from his home and his past life. He set off into the wilderness, with just the basic equipment and a rucksack from his mother, containing strange documents and letters.

His trek eventually brought him to some sort of civilisation. A place called the Homestead. Would he find a purpose and a new life here? And would he solve the mysteries of the strange documents his mother had entrusted him with.

About the Author

Hello, my name is Ann. I am from Dublin, Ireland. I am in my 70’s now, and have had a full interesting life, which I am going to incorporate in my books, in a fictional sense! I have travelled far and wide, I have two kids, and a husband, many sisters and a brother. The reason I choose to write under ‘Casa Nueva Tales’ is because I now live in Spain. I have been writing for many years as a hobby and now I’m ready to share my stories. I hope you enjoy them-as much as I enjoy writing them. Love Ann.

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