The Letter By Ann Newhouse

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Here we have the first book in my series. I am giving this one free to anyone who signs up to my website. I hope you enjoy it and please leave some feedback.

Love Ann.


About the Letter

This story is about the courage to carry on with living the best life you can after being hurt and deceived by the person you loved most in the world. Amber believed Tony, her boyfriend of ten years, loved her and wanted them to grow old together. After a tragic accident Amber’s life is turned upside down.

Starting afresh in another country, Amber’s life takes a turn for the better, when a letter arrives on her doorstep. Always believing that Tony was her soul mate, she soon found out how wrong she’s been.

About the Author

Hello, my name is Ann. I am from Dublin, Ireland. I am in my 70’s now, and have had a full interesting life, which I am going to incorporate in my books, in a fictional sense! I have travelled far and wide, I have two kids, and a husband, many sisters and a brother. The reason I choose to write under ‘Casa Nueva Tales’ is because I now live in Spain. I have been writing for many years as a hobby and now I’m ready to share my stories. I hope you enjoy them-as much as I enjoy writing them.


Amber was happy and contented with Tony. Just turned thirty she had become aware of her fertility clock ticking. Ten years she has given to him, without question. But still he won’t commit. . . or can’t. Then everything changed. Tony was killed in a traffic accident. Amber devastated, decides to cross to England to start a fresh where no one knows her.

With no body to say goodbye or miss her, other then her friend Sherry, she sets off. Without a plan. Amber drives through the English country side until she spots a little village which seems to drew her in. Settling down to country life, Amber has got a second chance. She may have got a second chance to start again, but life has a way of getting you back.

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